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Science and technology play an important role in human life and is a critical contribution to sustainable development, particularly to the achievement two of its pillars, social development and economic development. The third pillar, environment, is greatly impacted by science and technology. Kenya’s current development blueprint, the Vision 2030, gives prominence to science, technology, business and innovation as critical factors that will boost her development. Kenya, however, faces a number of challenges in achieving this goal. These include: lack of adequate policy, legal & institutional framework to encourage investment in innovation and technology; knowledge gaps; an apathetic consumer base of local technology, and, inadequate infrastructural support including energy and financial backing.

ILEG will focus on the intersection between laws and policies and the wide array of contemporary issues relating to scientific advancement and technological developments that affect the environment and sustainable development. The Science and Technology programme aims to support the development and use of scientific knowledge and technological innovation to strengthen the management and governance of the environmental and natural resources.

  • To increase knowledge in natural resource governance through policy and scientific research.
  • To promote development and implementation of policy, legal and institutional framework for scientific advancement and technological innovation for sound environmental management.
  • To promote technological innovation for sustainable environmental management.


  • Participate in national and international conferences, workshops and exchange programmes relevant to scientific advancement and technological innovation for environmental management’
  • Host national and international conferences, workshops and exchange programmes around the theme of scientific advancement and technological innovation for environmental management.
  • Conduct and publish scientific research findings in peer reviewed journals, in the media both locally and internationally and host web platforms to foster discussions and debates on the science & technology-environment nexus


  • Hold consultative meetings with Parliament and other relevant national and county government agencies on prioritizing science and technology for environmental management
  • Hold multi-stakeholder forums to discuss, review and push for development, review and implementation of policies, laws and regulations to strengthen use of science and technology to foster environmental protection and management.

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ILEG is an independent, non-profit public interest law and policy organization focused on promoting sustainable development.

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