Brief of the 1st extractive sector forum steering committee Sep 23 2015

Brief of the consultative meeting between major CSO & private sector networks & academia July 31st 2015

ESF1 Report Understanding the Kenyan Extractives Sector The Players and their Roles

ESF2 Report Stakeholder Engagement Getting it right

ESF3 Report Local Content in Kenya’s Extractive Sector

ESF4 Report Developing Local Content at the County Level Turkana

ESF5 Report Balancing Interests in Land Acquisition and Use

ESF7 Report Early Oil Pilot Scheme What Does It Mean

ESF8 Report Land Access & Acquisition Turkana

ESF9 Report Community Engagement in the Extractive Sector in Turkana

ESF10 Report Transparency and Accountability in the Extractive Sector

ESF11 Report Extractives in County Level Development Planning Siaya

ESF12 Report Enhancing transparency & accountability in community development & revenue sharing & management in Kwale County

Notes ILEG WRI June 5 2015 Meeting

Participants June 5 2015 Meeting

Report Jukwaa la madini mafuta na gesi 2019

Report Turkana Reconnaissance Field Trip

Annex 4 Project

Community Engagement in the Extractive Sector

ESF 7 Draft Programme

ESF background paper on the Early Oil Pilot Scheme

ESF VII Report

Hub Dev Partners Conference and ESF Programme

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