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County level Extractive Sector Forum (ESF) in Siaya

Theme: Interlinkages between natural resource extraction, forest resources and climate change in Siaya County.

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With supported of the Open Society Foundations – Africa, ILEG is currently implementing a project that seeks to promote enhanced transparency and accountability in the management of the extractive sector in Kenya. A key component of this project seeks to strengthen county-level capacities for effective development planning and extractive sector governance, through consultative stakeholder dialogues and policy support. As part of the project, the organization has organized a stakeholders policy dialogue under the theme “interlinkages between natural resource extraction, forest resources and climate change in Siaya County”, under the auspices of the Extractive Sector Forum (ESF).

Forests and other natural resources remain integral to the livelihoods of the majorly rural Siaya, a county that is also highly vulnerable to climate change. Yet, artisanal mining, mineral exploration and other forms of unsustainable natural resource extraction continue to undermine forest ecosystems, landscape restoration projects and local livelihoods in addition to worsening the impacts of climate change. This extractive sector forum (ESF) will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss strategies for promoting sustainable mining and other natural resource extraction in a way that do not undermine the county’s forest resources, landscape restoration efforts and the fight against climate change.

The forum comes at a time when the county is in the process of developing its third generation County Development Plan 2023-2027. It is hoped that the meeting will come up with specific recommendations on inclusion of sustainable mining and resource extraction in the CIDP. The forum will take place at Siaya County Club in Siaya on 22nd June 2022 from 9.00am to 3.00pm. Participation is by invitation only. Kindly reach out to Mr. Vincent Obondo on or 0724123165

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