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Community Engagement in the Extractive Sector in Kenya – The Case of Turkana: Policy Brief No. 3 of 2018.

Most Kenyans, especially the majority poor rely almost exclusively on land and natural resources,  such as forests, water, wildlife, fisheries, dry lands, wetlands and minerals – for sustenance. Apart from Agriculture which sustains over 80% of Kenyans, other livelihood activities like pastoralism, fishing, tourism and processing natural resources for sale are entirely dependent on natural resources

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This policy brief contains highlights and lessons from the 9th ESF which discussed the legal and policy underpinnings for community engagement and its importance.

The brief outlines the recommendations from the forum and also build on an institutional briefing paper that was developed to provide background to the forum.

Among other things, the policy brief highlights: the difference between mere consultation with community and community engagement; the importance of meaningful community engagement; and challenges to the realization of effective community engagement.

It ends with several recommendations such as encouraging all stakeholders to understand and better perform their community engagement roles, and urging that all necessary efforts be put into community engagement to be inclusive and participatory.

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