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Webinar on Extractive Sector Transparency in Uncertain Times

EXTRACTIVE SECTOR LICENSING AND REVENUES WATCH: Ensuring Transparent and Accountability in Uncertain Times

Monday, November 29th, 2021. 10:00 – 12:30 EAT

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Contract transparency has rapidly emerged as a critical governance issue globally. It is even more critical in the extractive sector where contracts tend to be negotiated at government executive level and are often closed to public scrutiny. With greater contract transparency, citizens can better understand and monitor the contracts, compliance with the terms therein, and payments made to their governments. Moreover, contract transparency helps to better manage the taxes collected from extractive industry companies and operations.


Contract transparency is especially critical in uncertain times such as now. Like in many countries globally, Kenya has experienced a decrease in activities in the extractive sector, owing at least in part to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has also disrupted normal life and business processes in significant ways. The country is also heading towards a general election in August 2022, an election that will herald a transition of power and government authority to a new regime. Such times call on the citizenry to stay vigilant and monitor the activities of the extractive sector, especially with regard to transparency and accountability in licensing, contracting, revenue collection and expenditure.


This webinar will discuss why transparency in mineral licensing and revenue distribution and expenditure is critical now as Kenya muddles through the pandemic, with a ‘transitional’ general elections around the corner. Among other issues, it will explore why and how the public and stakeholders can remain vigilant with regard to public scrutiny of mining licensing and revenue expenditure. It will also explore how contract and revenue transparency can help better mobilize and manage domestic resources for socio-economic goals such as the health needs occasioned by the pandemic.


The webinar will lay the foundation and constitute the first in a series of webinars that ILEG intends to organize on transparency and accountability in the extractive sector. The webinar is organized around two sub-topics: the mineral licensing process and procedures; and monitoring of mineral licensing, revenue distribution and expenditure. It will be moderated by Benson Ochieng, and will feature three panelists: Eng. Philip Kirui, Head of Mine Safety, Health and Environment Section at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining; Mr. Tom Onyango, Monitoring & Evaluation Expert and Executive Director at Jasatet; and Faith Pesa, Principal State Counsel at the National Treasury and Planning.



Eng. Philip Kirui


Eng. Philip Kirui is the Head of Mine Safety, Health and Environment Section at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining. He has more than 7 years of experience in Licensing Division, 3 of which he headed the Mining Cadastre Section.
Faith T. Pesa


Faith T. Pesa is a Principal State Counsel at the National Treasury and Planning. She has previously worked as a Legal Officer at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. Most recently Faith worked at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining with main focus in the Mining Sector for 5years. There, she carried out implementation of the Mining Act,2016 through various regulations that operationalized the Act. Her interest is in Public International Law and Natural Resources.


Tom Onyango

Mr. Onyango is an accomplished programme management, monitoring & evaluation, institutional development and change management specialist. He has been the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for the just completed World Bank funded Kenya Petroleum Technical Assistance Project (KEPTAP) and previously the Deputy Team Leader for the UK Government funded Kenya Extractives Programme (K-EXPRO). He continues to consult in the extractives and energy governance space through Jasatet Limited where he is the Executive Director.


Benson Ochieng

Benson Ochieng is the Executive Director of the Institute for Law and Environmental Governance (ILEG) and a Partner in the Law Firm of Ochieng Ochieng & Company Advocates. He also lectures environmental law, policy and diplomacy at the University of Nairobi. His legal practice and research interests focus on sustainable development and human rights, institutional arrangements for sustainable development, and the practice of international development.




10.00-10.30: OPENING
Transparency and Accountability in Mining Licensing in Kenya.


Benson Ochieng, Executive Director, ILEG and Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.


10.30-11.00: KEYNOTE ADDRESS
Mining Licensing: The Role of Online Mining Cadastre.




Eng Philip Kirui, Head of Mine Safety, Health and Environment Section at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining.


Faith Pesa, Principal State Counsel at National Treasury and Planning.


Essentials of Performance Monitoring in the Mining Industry in Kenya. Tom Onyango, Extractives and Energy Governance Consultant and Monitoring & Evaluation Expert.


11.20-11.50: PUBLIC Q&A SESSION
The moderator will pass the question from the public audience for every panelist, and close the public session with a conclusive question.





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Nov 29 2021


10:00 am - 12:30 pm


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