Promoting Good Governance and Accountability in Kenya’s Extractive Sector

Promoting Good Governance and Accountability in Kenya’s Extractive Sector

Funded by: FORD Foundation

Duration: August 2019-July 2021

Long-term goal: Enhanced transparency and accountability in Kenya’s extractive sector in which local communities, county governments and the private sector are actively involved in decision-making.

Brief description: Despite Kenya promulgating a new progressive Constitution in 2010, there are still many teething problems in the working arrangements between national and county government institutions and within the different government department and either levels of government. This calls for constant engagement with every relevant agency directly to enhance legitimacy of project outcomes among stakeholders.

In addition, there remains considerable lack of appreciation and understanding among citizens, government officials and industry players on the legislative and policy regime governing the extractive industry, as well as best practices in ensuring good governance of the sector.

Further, there is dearth of information relevant to policy-making and management of expectations in Kenya’s extractive industry. In fact, there is considerable misinformation and hype about the potential of Kenya’s extractive sector. This makes it difficult to manage discussions about the extractive sector in a sober and cogent manner, especially during elections.

Medium-term outcomes:

Improved understanding and appreciation of extractive industry good governance practices by the key stakeholders, including the national and county governments, as well as local communities and private sector.
Enhanced synergy in the delineation of functions between the national and county governments in relation to the extractive sector.
Improved legal and policy regime relating to governance, especially in relation to sustainable mining, oil and gas.
Improved Information sharing and documentation of best practices on anti-corruption in the sector.

Completed activities:

One National Extractive Sector Forum (ESF) – Conducted under the banner of Jukwaa la Madini, Mafuta na Gesi 2019 at Safaripark Hotel from 24th-26th September 2019

  • Meeting concept note – Annex 1
  • ILEG discussion Paper – Annex 2
  • Meeting report – Annex 3
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