Linda: An interactive AI-based Mobile App with SMS services

Linda: An interactive AI-based Mobile App with SMS services

This project will reduce cases of environmental degradation; boost farm yields and increase knowledge in natural resources protection and gain hands on skills in disaster management. This will lead to better utilization of resources and optimal gain.In 5 Years the projects will:Improve living standards, mitigate the negative effects of climate change by addressing key drivers of environmental degradation and create awareness amongst communities on natural resources governance for mutual benefit. It shall also improve response during natural disasters like fire, floods & landslides.Why we choose this project

Kenya is already experiencing the effects of climate change albeit differently. While coastal zones are experiencing sea level rise, coral bleaching and increased salinity, arid and semi- arid areas are experiencing longer spells of drought while highlands are becoming warmer hence experiencing diseases such as malaria. Yet, there is a lack of information about protection, conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources at the subcounty level, which often experiences the brunt of climate change. Therefore, This App will fill the gap in awareness to educate the communities about protecting the environment, creating awareness on natural resources and climate change. It will also address the problem of inefficient communications during disasters like floods, fire and landslides and also the problem of inadequate skills to handle natural disasters.

Previous Legal Framework for Beach Management Units in East Africa.

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