Green Justice

Project Overview:

Achieving sustainable development and safeguarding the environmental rights and obligations created by Kenya’s 2010 Constitution requires a strong environmental jurisprudence and access to environment-related justice. This project titled “Greening Justice: Judicial Training on Land and Environment Matters in Kenya” seeks to improve the capacity of the judiciary to make sound judicial decisions on matters relating to land, environment and natural resources. It involves research on legal and policy issues relating to land and environment; trainings and colloquia for judges and judicial officers. The project is supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).


  • Conducting research to identify key environmental issues for judges and magistrates training curriculum.
  • Develop training curriculum for judges and magistrates
  • Conduct training for judges, magistrates and other judicial officers.
  • Support judges, magistrates and other judicial officers to attend relevant trainings and conferences.
  • Hold dialogues with civil society organizations on how best to deal with land and environment disputes.
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