The Early Oil Pilot Scheme Policy Brief No 1 of 2018

The Early Oil Pilot Scheme Policy Brief No 1 of 2018

This policy brief summarises key points and recommendations gathered from the 7th Extractive Sector Forum (ESF) on “Kenya Early Oil Pilot Scheme (EOPS): What Does It Mean?”. The ESF sought to provide an opportunity to unpack the EOPS, clarify sticking issues around it, and to bring stakeholders to a common understanding.

The policy brief thus discusses among other things, what the EOPS mean, concerns over its viability and the status of its implementation. It delves into some of the pertinent issues that arose from the forum such as incomplete legal reforms; lack of transparency in the EOPS implementation; non-completion of transport and other requisite infrastructure; and Environmental and social impact assessments for the EOPS.

The brief concludes with key lessons and policy recommendations including need for: clarity around Kenya’s extractive governance framework; enhanced transparency; and a comprehensive and consultative environmental and social impact assessments ahead of the EOPS.

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