Promoting Sustainable Forest Governance and Climate Change Adaptation for Improved Livelihoods in Kenya

ILEG with the support from Sida/Act! under the Changieni Rasili Mali (CRM) Facility is implementing a 3 year (2012-2014) project aimed at Promoting Sustainable Forest Governance for Climate Change Adaptation and Improved Livelihoods in Kenya. This project is being implemented in Kwale and Kilifi Counties in the coastal region of Kenya.

Specific Objectives

Objective 1: To increase awareness and enhance the capacity of the local communities on climate change adaptation and mitigation challenges and opportunities, laws relating to forest management and the impacts of the devolved system of governance in promoting citizens participation in natural resource management.

i. Awareness creation sessions and training workshops to build the capacity of the local communities in each of the counties through CFA’s and FCC’s

ii. Development and/or implementation of forest management plans to enhance participatory forest management.

iii. Development and dissemination of popular versions of forest management in Kenya in light of the new Constitution.

iv. Engagement with the media both to create awareness and also empower the locals.

Objective 2: To promote the development and implementation of strategies of streamlining climate change adaptation and mitigation within the coastal forests and devolved government.

i. Conduct consultative sessions (3) with state agencies & institutions together with government and other stakeholders to development strategies of streamlining climate change adaptation and mitigation and framework of engagement in coastal forest conservation

ii. Workshop aimed at promoting the creation of a sound environment for operationalization of the strategies for streamlining climate change within the existing forest policy, forest laws, rules, regulations, and management plans through harmonization of the coastal forest conservation. I.e. promoting sound climate change governance in Kenya.

Objective 3: To contribute towards the formulation of legislations, policies, rules and regulations relating to climate change adaptation and forest governance within the devolved government.

i. Lobbying sessions within both the county and national government for the review and formulation and enactment of laws, policies and regulations that promote sustainable forest management, public participation in decision making and equitable benefit sharing of natural resources.

ii. Training sessions for the county governments on climate change, forest laws, mechanisms of enhancing public participation in natural resource management and development of strategies for management of coastal forests.

iii. A national engagement targeting policy makers on forest governance, climate change, natural resource management within the devolved structures and improved livelihoods of communities dependent on forests, and

iv. Research in the following areas:

a) Research on development of legal, policy and institutional framework that will operationalize the REDD Readiness plan, promote community involvement in forest management and ensure equitable benefit sharing.

b) Research on the mechanisms needed to promote forest conservation in order to achieve and maintain the ten percent forest cover of the land area of Kenya and better respond to climate change mitigation and adaptation e.g. Payment for Ecosystem Services, carbon markets etc.

c) Research on Public Participation in climate change adaptation and mitigation in the forestry sector under the devolved government.