From Rhetoric to Action: Promoting Good Governance in Kenya’s Extractive Sector Through Enhanced Transparency and Accountability

Funded by: Open Society for Eastern Africa (OSIEA).

Duration: January 2020-December 2022

Long -term goal: Promote enhanced transparency and accountability in the management of Kenya’s extractive sector.

Brief description:

Working with mining host communities and stakeholders of the extractive sector has helped ILEG to appreciate deep-seated concerns about secrecy and opaqueness around petroleum and mining contracts; beneficial ownership of oil & gas and mining companies; exploration and production data; and revenue collection and management.

These challenges call for robust stakeholder engagement to discuss, develop and implement strategies to promote good governance of Kenya’s extractive sector through greater transparency and accountability while minimizing adverse impacts on the people and the environment. The overall goal of this project is to promote enhanced transparency and accountability in the management of Kenya’s extractive sector.

In particular, it will sensitize government agencies to embrace and internalize the values and principles of good governance – such as transparency and accountability, public participation and sustainable development. It will also promote better clarification, synergy and streamlining of functions between the national and county governments.

Further, it will enhance the capacity of mining local communities, private sector and government to better understanding good governance as well as the nature, potential and best practices in the extractive sector.

The project will also promote adoption and implementation of improved legal and policy regime relating to governance, especially in relation to transparency and accountability and sustainable development of mining, oil and gas in Kenya.

Specific activity areas include:

  • Convening of Stakeholders for thematic stakeholder dialogues on specific components transparency and accountability (e.g. Production Sharing Contracts and Licenses; Beneficial Ownership; Exploration and Production Data Disclosure; Revenue Collection; Revenue Allocation and Management; and Social and Environmental Contributions).
  • Research and dissemination of knowledge materials: – conduct research to lay a good foundation for stakeholder as well develop and disseminate policy briefs capturing and analyzing key messages of stakeholder convening.
  • Coordination of the leadership of diverse extractive sector stakeholder groups to provide policy direction and intellectual guidance on issues and topics for stakeholder dialogues.
  • Policy outreach: – reach out to relevant committees of National Assembly and County Assemblies in Kwale and Siaya to advocate for adoption and implementation of transparency and accountability legal and policy framework.