Makutano Junction

The media can play an important role in educating and informing the general public on matters concerning the environment through cost effective means.

In 2007, ILEG partnered with The Mediae Company in the production of Series 4 of Makutano Junction. Makutano Junctionis a weekly educational television drama series produced as a long-term project by TheMediaeCompany in Kenya.

The series is crafted as a carefully balanced development communication tool which is not only entertaining but also filled with relevant and practical information such as highlighting basic rights and injustices and demonstrating remedies and best practices. In 2008, the series had a viewership of 7.5 million in Kenya and is currently broadcast on  Citizen TV  which has national coverage.

The partnership with Mediae saw ILEG contribute content for the series which incorporated environmental issues as the main stories. These episodes focused on issues such as the right to clean water, environmental rights and governance and were aired from September to December 2007.

In addition, viewers were able to utilize Makutano Junction unique interactive mobile SMS interface and website to send comments, ask questions and obtain detailed follow-up information about environmental issues tackled each weekly episode.

Further, the partners designed leaflets using video footage highlighting themes from the various episodes which were sent to members of the public who had sent in comments and their addresses. Over 600 leaflets were mailed out after each episode. The leaflets also contained contact information for organizations that were of assistance in the management of the environment such as the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and the Public Complaints Committee on Environment (PCC).

ILEG continues to take advantage of opportunities provided by media to disseminate environmental information to ensure that it communicated effectively to society.