We are a charitable organization working in collaboration with CHALICE Canada to propagate their core values through charitable works to the bright needy students in society, in order to enable them get a good education, pursue their dreams and help alleviate their families and community from poverty. We seek to work with the resources availed by the organization as a team to grant the children proper education, ensure their stay in school and ensure they stay comfortable enough with the necessary school materials to concentrate and produce the best of themselves and subsequently be of help to their families and community. Strategic Target Areas & Activities The following is a table showing 5 strategic areas our site will be focusing


Linda. An interactive AI-based Mobile App…

Linda. An interactive AI-based Mobile App with SMS services that seeks to help users protect the environment, create awareness on natural resources, help users adapt to & mitigate climate change and help in crowd messaging during disasters. This project will reduce cases of environmental degradation; boost farm yields and increase knowledge in natural resources protection and gain hands on skills in disaster management. This will lead to better utilization of resources and optimal gain.In 5 Years the projects will:Improve living standards, mitigate the negative effects of climate change by addressing key drivers of environmental degradation and create awareness amongst communities on natural resources governance for mutual benefit. It shall also improve response during natural disasters like fire, floods & landslides.Why


Strengthening Local…

Strengthening Local Communities Participation in Forest Governance Under a Devolved Government System in Kenya