We are a charitable organization working in collaboration with CHALICE Canada to propagate their core values through charitable works to the bright needy students in society, in order to enable them get a good education, pursue their dreams and help alleviate their families and community from poverty.

We seek to work with the resources availed by the organization as a team to grant the children proper education, ensure their stay in school and ensure they stay comfortable enough with the necessary school materials to concentrate and produce the best of themselves and subsequently be of help to their families and community.

Strategic Target Areas & Activities

The following is a table showing 5 strategic areas our site will be focusing on improving/making a difference in our community and the changes or goals our site seeks to achieve:

1 Child Education To enable students to take care of themselves, purchase school amenities and sail through tertiary education without hiccups
2 Nutrition To enable them stick to full healthy meals at the universities by enabling them to pay for meal cards to sustain them through the school semester.
3 Health& Hygiene To engage the beneficiaries in community projects to clean up the community around them and maintain clean surroundings
4 Entrepreneurship To continue with the entrepreneurial workshops to ensure that the students learn to create jobs for themselves and not depend on job markets.
5 Mentorship To involve the beneficiaries at campus level to mentor the younger children into embracing good values and morals with examples from similar home backgrounds.
6 Family and Community To ensure that the community around us is transformed and becomes stable, economically and socially through the services available