Mainstreaming Climate…

Mainstreaming Climate Change in Kenya’s National Environmental Policy

Donor Support: IDRC

Project Overview

Climate change has arguably become one of the greatest challenges to human development. In Kenya, dangerous weather patterns – especially unpredictable droughts and floods – are frighteningly posing a great challenge to national development planning and socio-economic well-being. For some time now, and with increasing frequency and intensity in the recent past, Kenya has been witnessing perennial crop failures, massive loss of livestock and wildlife, unreliable power supply due to low levels of water in the country’s hydropower dams, out-breaks of water-borne diseases, and other problems associated with climate change.

The latest concern about how to deal with the challenge of climate change in Kenya arises in the context of the ongoing formulation of the country’s first comprehensive national environment policy. With its pervasive impacts on all aspects of socio-economic life of Kenya, climate change must be one of foremost concerns of the Policy. The environment policy would provide the overall framework within which the national Climate Change Response Strategy would be implemented. Therefore, ensuring comprehensive integration of climate change agenda into the final draft national environmental policy is the key objective of this proposed project. It is against this backdrop that ILEG sought to ensure the consolidation and mainstreaming of national climate change priorities into the national environment policy.