Gender inclusive natural…

Gender inclusive natural resource governance through enhanced use of media and communication.

Project Overview:

Media and communication are critical to deepening good governance and other democratic processes. This project is intended to support media practitioners, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and communities to start prioritizing communication and information in their day to day work, and to use the new media to delve deeply into policy issues, good governance and democratic process. The project is titled ‘From Access to Engagement: Strengthening the public media through building of capacity and the use of alternative media among the Communities in East Africa’. It is implemented in partnership with the Africa Woman and Child Foundation (AWC) with funding from the Ford Foundation. ILEG’s component of the project mainly involves enhancing public awareness, and rights of women and other vulnerable groups in natural resources management and utilization.


  • – Conducting trainings for journalists to enhance the media capacity in reporting gender and natural resource management
  • – Conducting trainings on the provisions of the Constitution of Kenya on the rights of women in natural resource management
  • – Developing community resource centres

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